#60 Clip-in extensions
#60 Clip-in extensions
#60 Clip-in extensions
#60 Clip-in extensions

#60 Clip-in extensions

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 160 grams/1 Set

  • #60 color is blonde
  • Remy human hair
  • Easy to apply & temporary
  • Heat and bleach friendly    
  • Can be dyed, washed, and conditioned
  • Versatile & can be styled in many ways
  • Clip-ins are our very popular quality extensions for average hair type. If you're looking for a quick and low maintenance style, Tasty Extensions clip-ins are the perfect option for you! Very easy to install... Look at the steps below!
  1. First, brush your hair (make sure all kinks and knots are out)
  2. Then section a part at the nape of your head
  3. Open all the clips on the extensions
  4. Snap clips into place along the part you have made. I suggest when clipping, start with middle clip working outwards
  5. Go up 1/2 inch and make another part & place the clip-in along your next part. If your hair is fine, tease your hair at the root and then apply clip-ins
  6. Repeat until all clips are in
  7. Once done, you can style your hair to your liking, and you're ready to slay!